Joe Frazier, the former heavyweight champion whose furious and intensely personal fights with a taunting Muhammad Ali endure as an epic rivalry in boxing history, died Monday . Wesley Frazier was born on June 4, 1944 in Harris County, Texas, USA. In 2010, Buell served as Co-Executive Producer for Paranormal State and for The Ghost Prophecies, of which he is . The NASA icon played himself in the 2001 episode "Docu.Drama,"which featured Roz getting the go-ahead from management to produce a radio documentary about space travel. In 1963, Frazier was a nineteen-year-old order filler at the Texas School Book Depository. However, she was concerned for her daughter and her grandkids. I believe he knew Oswald better than he let on, knew about the rifle and lied about the package, and gave him a ride at least to,and if notfrom, work every day. The Roy Lewis audio stating this I play at the beginning of this episode, yeah, and Jarman says he sees Wesley THE NEXT DAY AT WORK after the assassination. On the other hand, none of the witness statements are from men who would seem to be in the habit of speaking precisely (Jarman could not remember Frazier's name, Shields didn't know who did the hollering out the window which he may or may not have heard, Norman never made any claim that Frazier drove "Oswald" to work everyday, etc.). So, the evidence that Frazier actually did drive "Oswald" to and from 1026 N. Beckley daily is not strong. 'It was the truth, but they did not believe me and were convinced I was involved.'. After being off the air for 14 years, takes a look back at where Frasier's stars are today. Garland G. Slack, who also testified before the Warren Commission, claimed that he saw Oswald practicing with a rifle at a firing range on November 10, 1963. Back in 1963, he said, employees would have noticed a stranger in the building. | Gave him a ride from the Paine house in Irving every day? He was previously married to Beverly J. Frazier. Setting off on a 30 minutes drive to downtown Dallas he didn't give it another thought as he chatted amiably with the workmate sat beside him. During The Woman in the House episode 7, Douglas tells Anna that Buell was his first . How about Oswald ( O.H. The problem was that Doorman was on the top level, and there were no steps behind him. After all the handling of the bag attributed to Oswald, first in making it, then in packing it, then taking it to Frazier's car, putting it down in the car, picking it up and carrying it toward if not into the building for two blocks, and then, at least by inference, through the building, and when removing and assembling a rifle Marina testified he kept oiled and cleaned, how is it to be explained that he left only two prints? Buell Wesley Frazier: If, if you were going to measure it that way from the end of the seat over toward the center, right. The character makes another appearance later that same season, when Frasier experiences the surprise of discovering that Tewksbury is dating his producer, Roz. 'I couldn't believe I was being asked about the assassination of the President. Frasier ran for 11 seasons before ending in 2004. I followed him but I didn't catch up with him because at that time of the morning --. 'I was working as a manager of a clothing store in a job I really enjoyed. Joined November 2011. As the dogs' trainer Mathilde DeCagney told the Post, father and son did notget along. Frazier was released. He was 5. Stan Jablonski, who took over for veteran cop Sgt. They kept on asking me the same questions. Hediedat 88 in 2010 (via The Hollywood Reporter). After witnessing the Kennedy assassination, Frazier was detained and questioned by Dallas police. Files has provided no proof he was even in Dallas at the time of the assassination. (Which is why our "Oswald" so adamantly denied bringing in or saying anything about "curtain rods" to Frazier!). 'I didn't do anything wrong but some people would not accept that. Even if he walked the two miles everyday Id imaginehed be seen by multiple people also on their way to work at the same time. Joseph Ball: How wide would you say that would be? Hours later at the hospital he was arrested by police after they were told he gave Oswald a lift to work. Remember, "Oswald's" denial was so vehement, forceful and persuasive that the DPD went back out and re-interviewed Frazier, this time complete with a polygraph. Family (1) Spouse Beverly J. Frazier (7 June 1962 - 20 November 1987) (divorced) Trivia (1) Fellow worker at the Texas School Book Depository at the time of President Kennedy's assassination . 'They kept on asking about Lee and the ride to work. Here is a map of Lee Oswald's walk to Buell Frazier's house on the morning of 11/22/63. Stovall told the WC that the Irving police fetched him from . He still considers . "Star Wars"actress and novelist Carrie Fisher, who died in 2016, was hilarious as an insomniac caller who droned on for so long about her inability to get any sleep that she sent both Frasier and Roz snoozing. By Interestingly enough, Kramer also appeared on "Frasier" forebear"Cheers," playing a "Talk Show Lady" in an episodein which Frasier's then-wife Lilith (Bebe Neuwirth) visited a Boston talk show to promote her new book. Buell Wesley Frazier: Mini Bio (1) Wesley Frazier was born on June 4, 1944 in Harris County, Texas, USA. Wesley Frazier was born on June 4, 1944 in Harris County, Texas, USA. And knowing how Oswald was with money, he probably would have taken him up on the offer. Kendrick Frazier became a central character in the story of organized skepticism in August 1977, when he was asked to become editor of The Zetetic, renamed Skeptical Inquirer the following year. ESPN reported that although Foreman was a "dear friend" of Frazier's and would've liked to go, he decided not to attend the funeral because "he would not be able to handle it.". Gratton returned as Leo later that season in the episode "Retirement Is Murder," then again in the fifth season's "Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name.". To me, the gist of the Frazier mystery is the package/sack supposedly carried into the TSBD by "Oswald" that morning. In the years after the death of Kennedy, Buell said he was shunned by people once they learned of his links to the assassination. These early fights gave rise to some of boxing's first stars and a few of the boxers on this list dominated the sport during that time. by detectives Rose and Stovall with very specific details, but Rose and. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. His reputation in Dallas was tainted for decades. A: No, sir, I was not close enough to see. As Deadline noted, he played the recurring role of Dr. Ira Graves in "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and also appeared in an episode of "Voyager." He trained fellow employee Lee Harvey Oswald and drove Oswald to work occasionally, including on November 22, 1963. 'I kept on telling the police I did not know anything. Staff at the depository had been given time off to watch JFK and his wife Jackie as their motorcade made its way through Dealey Plaza outside their building. Oswald typically stayed in a Dallas apartment near the book depository during the workweek. Steering Truth by Buell Wesley Frazier. Oswald told Frazier that the package contained curtain rods. Mr. FRAZIER - Well, I say, we were standing like I said at the four-headed table about half as large as this, not, quite half as large, but anyway I was standing there getting the orders in and, And I said, "Sure. Anna, who lost her daughter Elizabeth, and got separated from her therapist husband, Douglas, didn't mind though as she liked having his comforting presence around. No 2 foot bag was found in the TSBD, no curtain rods were found. During a career that spanned from the late 1940s until 2010, Murphy appeared in numerous films and TV series, ranging from "Magnum, P.I." Nor is there any testimony which claims that Wesley picks Oswald up daily unless you can point me to some. sir: not very much probably in your line of business you have probably seen a lot of guys who talk a lot and some don't and he was one of these types that just didn't talk. When they do, their Tweets will show up here. Thanks, we'll get right on that. "Whether the mask is labeled fascism, democracy, or dictatorship of the proletariat, our great adversary remains the apparatusthe bureaucracy, the police, the military."Simone Weil, French philosopherWe've bartered away our right to self-governance, self-defense, privacy, autonomy and that most important right of all: the right to tell the government to "leave me the hell alone . Frazier was and still is a nice guy, and would have probably offered. Buell Wesley Frazier: Well, I will be frank with you, I would just, it is right as you get out of the grocery store, just more or less out of a package, you have seen some of these brown paper sacks you can obtain from any, most of the stores, some varieties, but it was a package just roughly about two feet long. He said: 'Everyone talked about how beautiful she was and it was nice to be given time off for work. I take the bus myself into the city for work and I seethe same people every single day, morning and night. 'We would chit chat, but nothing of importance and certainly nothing about politics. The purpose of today's hearing is to hear the testimony of Buell Wesley Frazier, and Linnie Mae Randle. After the assassination Buell Wesley Frazier makes his way to the hospital to visit a sick relative, from this hospital he gets picked up to be taken to the DPD station. Add to Cart. "Oswald" carried no rifle into the TSBD and Frazier knew it. As a result, Frazier died with a net worth of just $100,000. We know they liked to recruit young, and still do to this dayto sum it up, Frazier is lying about . FRAZIER - No, sir; stopped one time and bought some gas, I remember. The two men became friends and Frazier agreed to give Oswald a lift to work when he was staying at Paine's house in Irving. I kind of wonder if Ozzie didn't have other business to attend to in the evenings through the week that maybe he wouldn't want Frazier involved in. So, is Joe Frazier still alive? Actress Alice Playten was seen in the sixth season of "Frasier,"playing the recurring role of Martin's then-girlfriend, Bonnie, in a few episodes. I've believed for some years someone, likely from the CIA, had access to the building prior to the assassination to evaluate and plan, rehearse, and set up (bring in weapon(s)). [5] He was the executive producer for the feature film American Ghost Hunter, released in 2010. Buell Wesley Frazier: It could have been because it was sometime in October because I remember I went to work there on the 13th and I had been working there, 4 or 5 weeks and then he come there. For years, he had trouble finding work. When they were shown the bag found on the sixth floor, Frazier and Randle swore that it was "too long" to be the bag Oswald carried. They continue to tour with artists like Tom Paxton and recently performed for President Obama at a 40th anniversary celebration in Washington D.C. for Representative Dave Obey, who is a fan of the group. It won 130 awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Comedy in 1995 and the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy in 1998. In addition to his work on "Frasier,"Sheppard earned an extensive and eclectic array of screen credits. Frazier was and still is a nice guy, and would have probably offered. On the morning of Nov. 22, 1963, Frazier drove Oswald to the Texas School Book Depository. He played priests on both serial killer thriller "Dexter"and raucous comedy "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,"and appeared on both "Mad Men" and the animated "Biker Mice from Mars.". I just cannot reconcile the Lee I knew with being a man who would assassinate the President.'. Lee ) returning to the rooming houseafter work? On 22nd November, 1963, Buell Frazier gave Oswald a lift to the TSBD. And Clyde he has remained, an icon of greatness as an athlete and of goodness as a man. The complete context of Mrs. Randle's testimony clearly demonstrates that she was referring to the texture of the paper rather than the weight of the package: "He was carrying a package in a sort of heavy brown bag, heavier than a grocery bag it looked like to me." Associated Press. Frazier testified that Oswald held one end of the package cupped in his hand, in the same way a soldier would hold a rifle during military drill. Usually Oswald, who on weekdays lived in a Dallas apartment by himself, would ride to work. Hoskins caught Hollywood's attention thanks to standout performances in the 1978 British TV miniseries "Pennies From Heaven,"which was followed by starring roles in the films "The Long Good Friday" and "Mona Lisa" the latter earning Hoskins' his first and only Oscar nomination (he lost out to Paul Newman). The pix below show him in the corridor trying to makes his way through the crowd of camera men and reporters. Or, did she say he would leave and walk far enough away that she couldn't say whether he actually got on a bus to go to work? He trained fellow employee Lee Harvey Oswald and drove Oswald to work occasionally, including on November 22, 1963. My assertion is that from available HSCA testimony of Oswald's TSBD co-workers, Frazier's own testimony and statements, and a little logic and common sense, thatBuell Wesley Frazier has been concealing the truth for 56 years. Salinger), who befriends Martin at a sports bar and winds up scrapping his latest manuscript due to a critique from Niles and Frasier. Frazier demonstrated this by showing that Oswald could not physically have carried a 35-inch rifle tucked into his armpit with the base cupped in his hand, as Frazier remembered.". On the morning of November 22, 1963, Frazier drove Oswald to the Texas Book Depository. In addition to training new employee Lee Harvey Oswald a month prior to the . The answer, he said, may be contained in still-classified CIA documents. Tweets. Prosky, who died in 2008 at age 77, made a memorable appearance on "Frasier." See full bio Born: June 4, 1944 in Harris County, Texas, USA More at IMDbPro Contact Info: View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro Known For Logic: and the fight against it in the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy Self 'Some people think I am guilty that I helped Oswald. It wouldn't be surprising if Gratton's face seems familiar to anyone who watched a lot of television in the 1980s and '90s. That really bothered me. Shields and Lewis even specified where they normally parked. Shehas also donevoice over work in Penguins of Madagascar and Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. Over the years he's come to know several people who found themselves embroiled in the investigation, including ex-Dallas detective Jim Leavelle and Oswald's co-worker Buell Frazier. And a press photographer. He is now retired from his job with the Lewisville School Board where as a receiving clerk he was responsible for stocking schools with equipment and furniture. Almost one year after the assassination, Frazier (20 years old) sold the car to L.H. He added that Oswald had been driven to the driving range by "a man named Frazier from Irving". Or Oswald didn't have a package and Frazier lied about it. Like his dad, Enzo lived until age 16, dyingin 2010. The first one is a very good questionas I'm not 100 percent convinced it was our Oswald staying at 1026 N. Beckleybut if it was, it would've only added 5 minutes to Frazier's commute. I don't. The 26 seconds of film have become the most studied film in history. 'They asked if I was traumatized by the events, but I wasn't. 'Another time I was at a school reunion and a teacher came up to me and just said: "You should be ashamed of yourself. I didn't think anymore about what he had brought and we drove to work as usual. Might involve someone like Roy Truly, Byrd or subordinates, maybe cooperating with associates of the Mayor? I told them all I knew, but I could see they suspected I was involved. LaMatta wasn't exactly a fan of his work on the wacky sitcom,subsequently telling TMZ he thought "the show 'ALF' was a piece of s*** worst work I ever did.". He has made his claims to a Dutch filmmaker but they have previously been dismissed as 'not credible' by the FBI. In the years since "Frasier" went off the air, some of the familiar faces from the show have since left us, including one of the show's series regulars and numerous guest stars. Buell was called to give evidence to the Warren Commission. As Deadline reported, Kramer died in early 2020 at age 74. But away to get the "rifle" into "Oswald's" hands as he entered the TSBD was needed, and the "curtain rods" story would do it. The side I saw of him was a very kind and loving man, and that's the way I like to remember him." -- Buell Wesley Frazier. 'I told them what I knew about Lee, but that wasn't very much. Buell was so afraid that he might be killed by people seeking revenge for JFK's death that he moved from Dallas, joined the Army and lived in Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon.. 'I did not want people to know,' he said. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place. Frazier and Lisa Whedbee were having an affair. Visitors to the building have no idea he is one of the few people alive today with such close links to the event. Eddie was played by Moose, reported "Today," a Jack Russell terrier who passed away at the ripe old age of 16 in 2006. They found a matching palm print on the stock, but had no proof that he had it with him the day of the assassination. When interviewed by the author in 1987, Frazier was firm in his belief that Oswald did not bring the rifle to work with him on the morning of the assassination. I've never read anything about him going by the rooming house to pick up or drop off Oswald. It has also been pointed out that one of Frazier's friends was a man named John M. Crawford. How eclectic? When Buell Frazier glanced into the back seat of his car he noticed an odd shaped package wrapped in brown paper. BALL - Did you ever stop on the way home on Friday night and buy anything?Mr. Frazier, however, told Oswald to go on alone. Notably absent was George Foreman. Buell's evidence that Oswald walked into work with a package the same shape as a rifle was deemed as crucial. Think he might have known Dallas Petroleum Club member Harold Dry Hole Byrd, owner of the TSBD? Joe Frazier, byname Smokin' Joe, (born January 12, 1944, Beaufort, South Carolina, U.S.died November 7, 2011, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), American world heavyweight boxing champion from February 16, 1970, when he knocked out Jimmy Ellis in five rounds in New York City, until January 22, 1973, when he was beaten by George Foreman at Kingston, Of the more than 100 stars who called in, many of them are sadly no longer with us. Joseph Ball: It was, what part of the back seat was it in? For the entire season, Buell worked on it, which was weird as he never got it fixed. After spending some time with Leland, Martin notices some marked similarities between Leland's characteristics and those of her sons, leading him to question whether Leland is their real father, and not him. The package he carried was just too small. It was a conspiracy to kill the President. Buell Wesley Frazier: Right, before I saw him. "And I said, "Sure. Fellow worker at the Texas School Book Depository at the time of President Kennedy's assassination, he drove the alleged would-be assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to work that morning. Late Friday night, the Dallas Police learned that the FBI was confidant they could make the case/frame "Oswald" alone, and therefore, no back-up patsy was needed. Buell Wesley Frazier: Yes; she did. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. and with Oswald coming and going right through the larger unit she herself lived in, did she ever make any statements as to whether Oswald would leave in the morning and stand at any curb were the bus may have picked him up? To think that people could think I had something to do with the President's death was really awful.'. That ultimately led to a role in an iconic TV hit when he joined "Hill Street Blues" as Sgt. Our next order of business, therefore, is to find out why Buell Wesley Frazier was erased from the famous Altgens photograph. The commission contended that this was the first time Oswald had ever walked ahead of Frazier into the Depository building. In fact, she admitted the two dogs "actually hate each other with a passion" and needed "to be separated at all times, which is pretty common in Jack Russell males." That is the reason, the main reason he was going over there that Thursday afternoon when he was to bring back some curtain rods, so I didn't think any more about it when he told me that.