Emmett had denied accompanying Bob to California. A largely fictional film version of the Daltons' lives was adapted from Emmett's 1931 book. The Dunn boys killed the pair for the money, claiming to have shot then during a fire fight. So was gang member Charley Pierce. There has been much debate over the identity of the, "sixth man at Coffeyville" reported by witnesses who claimed was accompanying the gang as they arrived in town right before the robbery. Chris had continually attested his innocence and any confirmation of his already rumored association with the Dalton Gang would have damaged his case. Emmett, however, was against the idea. Also wounded were captains Kinney and LaFlore, but they recovered. Bummers Gang (1855-1860) Operating in Denver, Colorado, the Bummers Gang began raiding the town in the mid-1850s. The account given on October 7, 1892, by Coffeyville's The Journal is considered to be the most authentic on events the day of the robbery. He was afraid some of his friends would be hurt, but Bob assured him there would not be any shooting, and that it would all be over before anyone knew what happened. It was also known as The Dalton Brothers because four of its members were brothers. In early October 1892, brothers Bob, Grat and Emmett Dalton, along with Bill Power and Dick Broadwell set out towards Coffeyville, Kansas. Bob and Emmett were able to steal horses and riding rigs. When Bill left Barstow by train towards Needles, he decided the boys could not make the trip by horseback so he stopped in Ludlow to intercept them. This was also confirmed by Lit Dalton, who had owned a saloon in San Miguel from 1889 to 1890. Powers tried to mount his horse, but shots from the store also killed him. Witty had gone to the livery stable in Modesto, at the time being jointly run by Chris Evans and John Sontag, and learned that Grat had sold the horse to Evans who in turn gave him the two dollar bills. In it she implied that her father was the one who helped Grat Dalton escape from the Visalia Jail, lending credibility to an earlier claim made by Sheriff Gene Kay of this being true. Though the history of these Old West gangs is often romanticized, it should not be forgotten that they were, in fact, nothing more than thugs. Bob ordered him to drop the gun, and when he failed to answer, shot him with his Winchester, killing him. After being found innocent by a Visalia jury, Bill was acquitted and released on October 15. Gang member "Arkansas Tom" Jones was slightly wounded and captured by Deputy Marshal Jim Masterson. They cut through Antelope Valley and skirted the desert down to San Diego County before taking the old trail to Yuma. ", "Emmett Dalton Biography Oct. 5-10, 1892", "The Eagles on Desperado: "We were quite taken with the idea of being outlaws", "Emmett Dalton His Life After the Coffeyville Raid", "Heck Thomas Tough Law in Indian Territory", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dalton_Gang&oldid=1136199201, Articles needing additional references from December 2022, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Charles Benjamin "Ben" Dalton (18521936). Grat, Broadwell, and Powers entered the Condon Bank and Emmett and Bob hurried across Union Street to the First National Bank. When they entered the cell, Bill took out his guitar, sat on a soap box, leaned against the bars of the corridor and began to play a popular song he put his own words to and titled, "You'll Never Miss My Brother Till He's Gone". I love this little hell-kitten. Bill Whitley or Brack Cornett Gang (1887-1888) Comprised of about 12 outlaws, the gang was led by Texas desperadoes Bill Whitley and Brack Cornett, robbing Texas banks and trains in the late 1880s. Bob and Emmett met Grat and the others in the alley, the sacks of money still over their arms. The gang specialized in bank and train robberies.During an attempted double bank robbery in Coffeyville, Kansas in 1892, two of the brothers and two other gang members were killed; Emmett Dalton survived, was captured, and later . Bill Doolin was killed in August 1896 by U.S. Deputy Marshal Heck Thomas near Lawson, Oklahoma. From Phoenix, Kay followed the Daltons by horse and stage from Prescott, Gila Bend, Tucson, and then to Nogales, Mexico. How do we create a person's profile? Dick Broadwell was from a prominent family near Hutchinson, Kansas and at the opening of Oklahoma Territory, he staked a claim to a homestead in the Cowboy Flats area. They sat to wait for the next train on a bench on the platform, talking and smoking, with their Winchester rifles across their knees. Let me look at one." This is an illustrated account of the Dalton Gang's unsuccessful raid on two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas on October 5, 1892. Condon & Co. Bank, and Bob and Emmett crossing the plaza to enter the First National Bank. He then joined the Doolins and participated in at least five robberiesboth bank and trainand several murders. Kay learned at the train depot that Bob and Emmett had bought tickets to Ogden and were carrying large telescope bags with them. And whats your next book going to be about, hm? She denied this, and her brothers later defended her, stating that she had no knowledge of their intentions, nor did she reveal the hideout to them. Bill Dalton and Bill Doolin had been waiting several miles away with extra horses to aid the gang's escape. As a former lawman, Bob knew the difficulty officers had enforcing laws in Indian and Oklahoma Territories. One of the bars had been cut out and replaced with a broom handle blackened by soot. One account went so far as to say Rose killed the three marshals as she rescued Newcomb, but that was never substantiated. Charlie Bryant came from Wise County, Texas. Williams. Some time later, the three dissatisfied members also returned and new plans began to form. Refer to each styles convention regarding the best way to format page numbers and retrieval dates. He watched the men as they entered the bank and when he saw a gun pointed at the cashiers counter in the Condon Bank, he called out the bank is being robbed! The cry was taken up and quickly passed to everyone around the square. She was 76. Each time they stopped sawing, they plugged the hole with soap and soot. It was at a gambling house in Silver City, New Mexico that the Dalton Gang committed their first robbery. This mountain would later be known as Dalton Mountain. Bob and Emmett ran through the back door and ducked into a saloon across the alley. Kay found out that, before they had arrived, Bob and Emmett had got into a fight at one of the saloons there and badly beat up two cowboys before leaving for Topeka. By this time the older Dalton brothers were on their own. She was never prosecuted for her involvement with the gang. Info Share. They were also known as the Dalton Brothers because three of its members were brothers. Bob and Emmett returned fire and left Ayres on the sidewalk. Right as Hensley left, deputy McCardle heard the sound of footsteps come from the same direction where they had spotted Dean. The Five Joaquins (1850-1853) The Five Joaquins were said to be responsible for most cattle rustling, robberies, and murders committed in the Mother Lode area of the Sierra Nevadas between 1850 and 1853. These gangs often had hand signs, rituals, symbols, and slang, as they clustered together for means of force and protection. A rail ticket from California to Indian territory was too expensive for the boys, so Bob and Emmett crossed the Tehachapi's and began riding across the Mojave Desert while Bill went ahead by train to lay out food and supplies for them. Kay nudged the door open with his elbow, aimed his revolver at Bill and said, "Bill! Charlie Pierce was from the Blue River country in Missouribut headed to Indian Territory to avoid serving jail time for whiskey peddling. The gang escaped unharmed making off with $17,000 in cash. Beckenridge showed up to the trial late and drunk, and neither the defense, nor the prosecution mentioned that the fireman had been accidentally killed by the expressman. Without making any noise, Bryant went to the messagebox and secured the revolver. Wolcotts Regulators (1892) One of the most feared bands ofgunfightersandoutlaws inWyomingwas Wolcotts Regulators, who preyed on homesteaders in 1892, frequently leaving dead bodies in their wake. Bob also hired Emmett under him to guard prisoners. This was in addition to the jailer, J.M. When Kay returned to Visalia, he immediately went with detective Smith to the tailor of the coat found at the Ceres robbery. As they exited the door, an American Express agent opened fire with his revolver. Archer Gang (the 1880s) Much like the Reno Brotherswho had operated two decades earlier, the Archer brothers Thomas, Mort, John, and Sam, raided Orange and Marion Counties in Indiana for several decades. While Bill was playing his guitar, Wagy noticed that he was trying to cover up where the break had been made. He had Bill lift the carpet and open the trap door and, instead of Bob, they discovered a man named Riley Dean, a saloon hanger-on from Visalia and Traver. What Bill didn't know is that Beckenridge was also a consulting attorney for the Southern Pacific railroad. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Ruth Gang on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. Gang, aged 24, died at his residence, 414 Est Third street, yesterday morning at 3:45. It was also known as The Dalton Brothers because four of its members were brothers. They played poker all night in Traver and then traveled to Tulare to do the same. Grat began to say something about a horse, but then became suspicious. While Bill kept the passengers from interfering by shooting over their heads, the others forced the engineer to show them the location of the cash-carrying express car. Three marshals died during the shootout. However, 21-year-old Emmett survived. Four Coffeyville townsmen were also killed: City Marshal Charles T. Connelly, Lucius Baldwin, George Cubine, and Charles Brown. They were quickly taken hostage by the outlaws and ordered to surrender the money. The gang specialized in bank and train robberies. When Grat recovered, he was able to escape with the help of his brother Cole. However, Lewis died along the way leaving Adaline to raise the younger children alone. Rose Vida Gang Birth 9 Aug 1906. On October 5, 1892, the Dalton gang attempted this feat when they set out to rob the C.M. The Journal acknowledged witnesses statements then and in a later article that there were two major unanswered questions: who was the sixth man seen riding into town with the gang, and what happened to him? Rose passed away on month day 1967, at age 54 at death place, California. After this train robbery, a prize of $5,000 was placed on each of the Daltons heads. Stockton Gang (1878-1881) Led by Ike Stockton, this gang of cattle rustlers terrorized the area of northern New Mexico while posing as gentleman cowboys in Durango, Colorado. Successful bank robbers, they retired after five years but regroup when Rachel's sister is killed. This assignment studies the medical theories of miasma and bacteria in order to expose the thoughts behind the actions in the development of the sewerage and sanitation system of the South Jutlandic town, Esbjerg. Cole had split up with Grat at Gila Bend, Arizona after the two got in argument in which Cole was trying to convince Grat not to join Bob and Emmett. Right before the deputy ordered Grat to drop his weapon, a dog appeared ten feet from Grat and began barking at the lawman. Later, they found out that their suspicions were correct regarding the train that they had allowed to pass as it had been full of armed guards protecting $70,000 of the Sac and Fox annuity. But when the townsmen shot at them anyway, they decided to use the rear door. Late that night, they received a telegram notifying them that men matching the description of Bob and Emmett were seen taking a southbound train many miles south of Salt Lake. Kay asked Rucker if there was anyone else around and she replied that there wasn't. Ketchum Gang (1896-1899) Made up of a revolving list of members, the Ketchum Gang was led by Black Jack Ketchum. Indiana, USA. Henry Starr was arrested in 1893 and held for trial at Fort Smith. It had been raining for several days prior, and it was so cold the ground was covered in ice. Charlie Pierce was with George Bitter Creek Newcomb and was also killed by U.S. Deputy Marshals on May 2, 1894, in Oklahoma. Bill, along with Bob, Grat, and Emmett attempted to hold up the train at Alila, California, but this first attempt at train robbery was a fiasco. Smith, Sheriff Kay learned from them that Grat had actually made the opening in the bars several days before the robbery after being slipped a saw from someone on the outside. On May 23, 1894, Dalton and his new gang robbed the First National Bank at Longview, Texas. Ranch in Wyoming. Parents . Lindsey in Ardmore, Oklahoma, tracked him to the cabin and surrounded it on June 8, 1894. The Dalton Gangs next robbery was the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway at Leliaetta, near Wagoner in Indian Territory. Since the horse was lame, they could only get $60 for it and Grat was unable to find another horse afterwards. Both Newcomb and Pierce got away with the help of Bill Dalton, Bill Doolin, Dynamite Dick and Red Buck who sent a hail of bullets over the street in order to cover their pals escape. In this rough and wild area, the Dalton brothers inherited a tradition of violence on the bloody ground of the Missouri-Kansas border, where Quantrills Raiders and other guerilla bands operated before and during the Civil War. Prior to this robbery, Bill had not been in trouble with the law at all. Outlaw gangs go as far back in history as the beginning of man, with the word thug (Thugz) dating to 1200 A.D. when gangs in India pillaged many of the countrys towns. Kay doubled back to Kingman and learned that the boys had taken a train to Phoenix with the money they made. They supported the Tunstall/McSweenfaction against that ofDolanandMurphyin theLincoln County Warof New Mexico. Slipping from one side to the other, Bob Dalton, along with his brother Emmett, were charged with selling whiskey in the Osage Nation on March 21, 1890. Bob had planned for the gang to tie their horses to a post behind the Condon Bank, where it was protected from the center of town by brick walls. She died at the age of 76 in Salkum, Washington. But, a narrow margin separated the lawless from the law enforcers during those rough times. J. Rufus Buck Gang (1895-1896) A gang of ruthless outlaws who preyed on victims in Oklahoma, five of them were hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas. They had been following the Southern Pacific pay car as it made its way down the valley from Oakland to Bakersfield to pay railroad employees. Bill went to Paso Robles and bought a saddle, but after that could not afford anything else as he was broke. Bill Doolin, "Bitter Creek" Newcomb, and Charlie Pierce, none of whom was at Coffeyville, were the only members left of the original Dalton Gang. Grat and McCardle fired at each other almost simultaneously. Oh, I also really want to comment on the photo thats most of the fun, as always. Kay hung around Grat for a few hours and talked to him most of the time until Witty returned. In 1898 she married local politician Charles Albert Noble, and sometime after 1900 (a census year), they left Oklahoma and all outlaw associations behind them. Death 16 May 1931 (aged 24) Cass County, Indiana, USA. By Robert Barr Smith They rode in from the west through a crisp, brilliant October morning in 1892, a little group of dusty young men. Bill told Kay that Bob was not in the country, that he had stopped at Rucker's place alone to spend the night. Rose Elizabeth Dunn (September 5, 1878 - June 11, 1955) also known as Rose of Cimarron and later Rose of the Cimarron, [2] was best known for her good looks and for her romantic involvement with outlaw George "Bittercreek" Newcomb when she was a teenager during the closing years of the Old West . The funeral will be held this morning at 9 at the church of SS Peter and Paul, the Rev. Here, the Santa Fe had found out about the Daltons' plans and attempted to set up a trap for the gang, filling the train with heavily armed officers. They then robbed the next train a few minutes later, securing about $50,000. Reynolds Gang (1863-1864) A group of Confederate sympathizers that rampaged the South Park, Colorado, area to raise money for the Confederate government. While the Indian Nations had their own tribal law enforcement, these agencies had no jurisdiction over non-Indians. C.M. Joining afterwards were Bill Doolin, Dick Broadwell, Bill Powers, and Charley Pierce. Officers were watching Lit at Clovis Cole's, but didn't think to watch Owen's place. Emmett stood trial and was sentenced to life in prison. This was unknown to Grat, since the Dalton brothers had all assumed that Emmett had killed the fireman. This resulted in the first robbery at Whorton, May 1891, where the gang stole $1200. They waited until the heavy bearded, two-hundred and thirty pound man was thirty feet from them. While waiting at the Condon Bank, bullets began to punch through the bank windows and Grat, Broadwell and Power charged out of the bank into the plaza. They laughed and joked and 'baa'ed at the sheep and goats along the way. In her unpublished novella, Grat Dalton's Ride, Eva Evans, the daughter of the famous California outlaw Chris Evans, tells the story of Grat Dalton's escape from California after the Alila robbery. We encourage you to research and . The newly formed Oklahoma Territory had organized their own sheriff and city police departments, but there was so far very little cooperation between them. Rose Dunn was born near what is today Ingalls, Oklahoma (when she was born it was in Indian Territory, Oklahoma Territory was not organized until 1890). The Daltons told their stories, but neither Kay or Beckenridge ever cleared up the murder point and ruined Grat's case. Their older brother, Frank Dalton, was commissioned a Deputy Marshal for the federal court in Fort Smith, Arkansas and Bob Dalton served on several of his posses. The saga of that holdup attempt would have been Keystone Kops laughable if it hadn't turned out so deadly. Newcomb by that time was riding with the Wild Bunch gang led by outlaw Bill Doolin. Short then turned and the two shot each other to death. Bob and Emmett then fled California with a posse on their tail; however, Grat and Bill were arrested. He then decided the sack bag was too heavy to carry, and ordered the silver taken out, then stashed what cash he could fit into his coat pockets. She is survived by her husband, W. E. Jesse; one son, W. F. Jesse; one . Grat first rode to Charles Owen's ranch across from Clovis Cole where he stayed for a few days. A quick and dirty solution which all of us have tried atleast once while working with pandas is re-creating the entire dataframe once again by adding that new row or column in the source i.e. [17] After the attempted robbery, Emmett was taken upstairs above the drug store to be treated by Dr. Wells. In January 1889, Grat and Bob both became deputies first under Marshal Jones and later under Marshal R.L. Although the Daltons may have been inspired by their famous cousins' exploits, the Youngers were much older and were in prison at the time of the Dalton Gang's activities. Rose lived in 1920, at address, Tennessee. Grat rode away from the house, jumped the horse over an old rock fence, and began yelling and firing his revolver in the air so that Dean would know that he had escaped. One night, Jim Wagy heard a noise in the basement and upon investigation discovered that someone had tried to break the lock to the grated window. Dalton Gang (1891-1892) Led by brothers Bob and Grat Dalton, the Dalton Gang robbed banks and trains throughout Kansas and Oklahoma until they were killed in the Coffeyville, Kansas Raid.