Pretty awesome! My first suggestion is to stand at the Capitol reflecting pool facing east, you can get some great reflections. But dont let the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial be the end of your journey around the Tidal Basin. This includes the waterfall, walking along the rivers edge, a bridge crossing, and meandering under a canopy of trees. This is also one of the most well-known places in Washington state because of the recent eruption! If you can angle it just right you, you can even get a shot of the Washington Monument poking through the soldiers legs. Flickr / drewmark 3. If you're looking for a great view of a full moon over the city, Kerry Park is the place to be. Louisa Boren Park. Constitution on Orcas Island (not on NYT list), the highest point in San Juan Islands, part of 5,000-acre Moran State Park. Weve created a guide to Cape Disappointment to some secret coves, trails, and directions of how to reach the lighthouse! Get more stories delivered right to your email. Less than an hour's drive outside of Seattle is Mount Rainier National Park, which is focused on the towering peak of Mount Rainier itself, the highest mountain in Washington. The Palouse River charges over the rocky precipice and plummets 198 feet to the waiting, round salt-rock canyon. One of my favorite parts about this memorial is that you are able to walk all around it. Ive watched the video a few times now, and Im reminded each time of what a beautiful place we live in (Yes, even during the rainy days). Come during sunrise or sunset (like we dont recommend this enough, HA!) If you are hoping to stay overnight (and you definitely should! Youll be blown away by the views in every direction of Mount Rainier, rolling hills, grazing mountain goats, and more. Ive done all the research for you so you can just get out there and shoot. For all those who want a concise list of our favorite photography locations in Washington State, this is the post for you. Hiking Trails in Washington: The best hiking trails of Washington traverse the state's many environments, including three esteemed national parks. There are several hammock poles positioned at the very tippy-top of the lookout and are undoubtedly the best views. Bring a windproof layer. Headlamp: To be able to see in the dark, of course! Spare Batteries: Just in case you need your flashlight for longer than you think. Flashlight: As an extra light source. All of these give the perfect opportunity for a great sunrise hike in Washington, as long as you are lucky with a clear day and the ability to crawl out of bed early! Each of these hikes has the epic opportunity to see a beautiful sunrise, because of its viewpoints and height advantage. Youll almost feel like youre in Norway, rather than Washington, because the hills jut straight out of the ground and curve around the lake in the most beautiful way. If you live in Washington, there are a plethora of hiking trails around to keep you occupied. Jessica Wick is a writer and travel enthusiast who loves exploring new places, meeting new people and, of course, beautiful Big Sky Country and every part of Washington State. This memorial is particularly moving and often times youll find little gifts left behind to the soldiers like flowers or even a can of beer. So of course, I had to add a little cherry blossom image here too . Population: A little over 7.6 million people call Washington home. Its en route. (More fun facts about Washington state here! Distance: 3.4 milesDifficulty: ModerateElevation Gain: 900 feetEstimated Time: 2 hoursLocation: Olympic National ParkPass Required: National Parks Pass. If you're yearning to enjoy the great outdoors in the winter, these trails are great for winter hikes. Google +, Space Needle Look up the sunrise or sunset time. The park features rock climbing, a trail to the top with many switchbacks, plus ., A stunning view of Diablo Lake and the North Cascades AND its location is just off the highway. If you want to feel as though youve entered a fairytale, take the ethereal Hoh Rain Forest Hall of Moss Trail filled with trees that are covered in moss. Silver Star Mountain is a lot less busy than the other trails on this list, so you may get the chance to enjoy it in solitude. Hood in the distance! An abundance of wildflowers in Spider Meadow. 7) Beacon Rock State Park: The 848-foot high basalt volcanic plug was stopover point for Lewis & Clark in 1805. Spirit Falls, Washington: An Epic Waterfall. (Map under maintenance, it will be up soon! > Plan your visit to Park Butte using WTA's Hiking Guide, Location: North Cascades -- Mountain Loop HighwayLength:9.2 miles, roundtripElevation Gain:2,840 feetHighest Point: 5,200 feetBest Season:Late July - mid-October. I personally think the memorial looks best during snow or fog because it helps eliminate some of the distracting bushes and trees. You can even spot Mt. Artist Point at Mount Baker is best experienced during sunrise the sun peeks right out from behind Mt. You can't go wrong finding wildflowers at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. In my opinion, the Reflecting Pool is the ultimate sunrise location in Washington DC. Its a great display of shadows, line and usually totally empty. While it may look like an easy trek from the moderate elevation gain and length -- it is anything but. And other nearby sandy spots known as Beaches 1 through 5 also offer quiet coastal appeal. Youll get to admire them on your way back to the trailhead! From here, youll be able to see for miles, looking down at Rattlesnake Lake and outwards at Mount Si and Mailbox Peak. Flickr / hokyumgrl This warm scenery featuring Lake Washington is especially relaxing! Commonly known as "The Evergreen State", Washington not only has incredible landscapes, it also has scenic seasides, panoramic cityscapes and bustling shops, restaurants and bars that attract locals and tourists from all around the globe. Plus, its family-friendly and great for those who want to see an epic spot but arent really big hikers. With mountain backdrops and a turquoise tint in the water, Ross Lake easily takes your breath away. The common spots to snap photos and enjoy the sights of Ross Lake are along the pull-offs provided by the North Cascade Scenic Byway, one of the prettiest drives in the state. Spray Falls and Narada Falls are also some incredible Washington waterfalls to check out in the area. Its a great spot for sunrise with even less people than the rest of the National Mall. Between the months of October and March, this peak, which is the largest on the east coast, is the first place you can catch the sun coming up in the entire country. Artist Point is located at the very end of Mount Baker Highway, and the 4.4 mile trail comes with a seriously stunning reward. Holidify Travels Pvt Ltd.- All Right Reserved, Share this post on social media Just a short drive south of La Push and Rialto Beach is a lesser-known gem of the Washington CoastRuby Beach. OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. > Plan your visit to Carne Mountain using WTA's Hiking Guide, Location:Olympic National ParkLength:up to37 miles, roundtripElevation Gain:up to 3,700feetHighest Point:4,300 feetSeason:Year-round. However, the views make the effort so worth it! Palouse Falls is one of those rare places that you don't have to go to at sunrise or sunset to get the best light. If you are up for a hike, we recommend the Naches Peak Loop Trail, an easy pathway with an overlook where you can see a valley and Mount Rainier (although the mountain can be seen throughout the entire hike). And the best part is, you can find a hiking trail nearby to suit just about any experience level, ability level, or personal taste. Summer (July-September) is the best time for these hikes, as the snow will be melting and trails will open up. Its uphill almost the entire time with loose rocks covering the trail, except for a few spots that open up to views of rolling hills. Way up on the Olympic Peninsula, youll find the hike to Hurricane Hill, a 5,765-foot peak overlooking the Olympic Range and National Forest. But if you're in good enough shape to make the journey, the views alone will motivate you to keep going. It's Worth Waking up Early for These Sunrise Hikes. Mount Misery isa delightful hike to the Oregon Butte Lookout, situated on a hilltop in the remote Blue Mountains. Theres no other time of day where you will get President Lincoln looking so warm. When you get a beautiful sunrise, man, theres nothing better. Let me know if you hiked High Rock Lookout & loved the sunrise views as much as we did! All other times other than sunrise at any of the memorials, its pretty much out of the question. Flickr / ajstarks This fiery sunset lit up Seattle's sky perfectly. 7. These are some of the best hikes in Washington for seeing the beautiful sunset. After a while of hiking, youll reach a large junction where youll branch off onto a new trail. Sunrise is located 60 miles northeast of the Nisqually Entrance and 14 miles northwest of the . If any of these beautiful Washington features spark your desire, we highly suggest taking a weekend trip to go explore more. Sunrise is spectacular here. You cant get more Pacific Northwest than Cape Flattery literally! Lodging Nearby: Free breakfast and private hotel rooms are what youll find at Nisqually Lodge, just 30 minutes from High Rock. Washington is a hiking enthusiasts paradise. This sweet and simple hike nonetheless offers gorgeous, stunning views throughout the trail. Here are a few tips for enjoying a cozy, colorful view near Seattle: Be a sleuth. There is a big parking lot (with bathrooms) with several viewpoints of the lake below. We never post anything without your permission. Berty Mandagie is a Washington state photographer and love to shoot weddings and engagement sessions up here. An inside look at the most Instagrammable shots in Washington. Sunrise over Alki Beach in Seattle. Read More:10 Incredibly Beautiful Hikes In Washington State, This 198-foot waterfall is actually the state waterfall of Washington. I just cant stop staring at that little slice of light and the coolness that oozes off of this image. Even in the summertime, there is snow on the ground, so bring a good jacket. Photo by trip reporter mytho-man. Gothic Basin. There is way more security there and Ive heard conflicting rules about tripods. Located in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest, it has everything that makes Pacific Northwest hiking trails special. Distance: 6.3 milesDifficulty: HardElevation Gain: 2,100 feetEstimated Time: 4 hoursLocation: Gifford Pinchot National ForestPass Required: Northwest Forest. Enjoying some of the best hikes in Washington that end with a stunning sunset, of course. For my ladies: The bathrooms close to the FDR Memorial is by far the best bathroom in the entire mall. If youre metroing it, get off at the Rosslyn stop and walk about 15 minutes to get here. Hiking at these different times of day mixes up your hiking routine and creates memories with friends and family. Its on the very edge of the Columbia River Gorge, so you could visit Maryhill Stonehenge if you are planning a day trip from Portland. Photo by dbaile16. If you love waterfalls, you need to plan a trip to Falls Creek Falls in Washington! Storm King and visit Marymere Falls on a half-day hike. If youre ready to see some of the most beautiful sunrises that youve ever seen, read on, and head to these locations. The Hoh Rainforest is easily one of the most well-known photography spots in Washington state. You May Not Know: 34 Impressive and Fun Facts About Washington State. Its the best when its a particularly colorful sunrise because I love getting that reflection and doubling the amazing sky. Truly, youll never want to make your way down, but as you do head down the mountain, youll start to see how popular this trail is. They are gorgeous, with pretty little streams winding through lush grass and rocky outcrops. Plus there is this overwhelming feeling of peace and calm in a city thats usually hustling and bustling during the day. This image was captured with my 70-200mm. Trust me when I say that the views of Mount Rainier along this entire trail are incredible. Be warned that dispersed camping is bare bones. There are plenty of nice, easy trails in Washington. We suggest coming in the winter, when the water feels that much warmer and the snow falls quietly on the surrounding trees! At sunrise youre more likely to get images with no one in them while at sunset its nearly impossible. This hunk of rock in Banks Lake is a distinct example of massive Ice Age floods 15,000 years ago. Lodging Nearby: Located in Port Angeles, Olympic Lodge by Ayres has an outdoor pool, and is just an hour from Hurricane Hill. The Lookout: For a truly perfect morning I recommend bringing up some instant coffee & hammocks. Discovery Historic Loop, 115 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98661, USA. This is the best place to see all 3 of the DC monuments lined up perfectly. Distance from Seattle: 2.5 hours drive from Seattle. Trail Difficulty: Intermediate. Lodging Nearby: Just 30 minutes from Picture Lake is the Mt. > Plan your visit to Naches Peak using WTA's Hiking Guide, Location: Mount Rainier Area NE - Sunrise/White RiverLength:9.0 miles, roundtripElevation Gain:2,500 feetHighest Point:7,828 feetBest Season:Mid-July - October. Second Beach is the most iconic! But the real reason that this place is on this list is because of Netherlands Carillon. In my opinion, the Reflecting Pool is the ultimate sunrise location in Washington DC. The worlds smalles, MU CANG CHAI If you manage to snag one, take time to hike the 2.5 mile trail just before sunset. Bonus: seen this bus on Instagram? But also, consider taking a few moments for yourself here. Although the shore is covered with sailboats, two of the famous attractions - Mount Rainier and Space Needle can be seen here. ), make sure to secure the proper backpacking permits before planning your backpacking trip. Click Here! Ive spent years photographing the city and these are my favorite places that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get some killer early morning shots of the city. If you're short on time or are hiking with a family, you may also want to check out the Hall of Moses a short and sweet rainforest loop beginning from the same trailhead. Weve created an interactive map that you can click on and explore more of these specific spots! Theyre always the best after rain or snow but for some reason, you can actually find them on the sunniest of days too. You can read more about other amazing Washingon beaches in our complete list here. This just means I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you for helping them promote their product or service. I'm here to help you avoid blowing your budget on overrated tourist attractions, find the most mouth-watering street food, & navigate your way through local markets. Here, you can explore the many rock formations along the beach and climb over huge pieces of driftwood. 1. Its also worth mentioning that there are three beaches, respectively named First, Second, and Third Beach. However, we also think a great time to go is on a Sunday evening -families have already gone home in preparation for the week ahead. Hotels in Seattle, Car Rentals in Seattle- 5 Rentals To Consider When Renting a Car in Seattle, Sunset in Seattle: 8 Most Breathtaking Views of Seattle Sunset, Beer in Seattle: 25 Best Breweries, Taprooms and Craft Beer in Seattle, Seattle In March: Top 10 Things to Explore, Weather and Tourist Friendly Tips, Seattle in February: Top 5 Places to Go, 10 Things to Do, Weather and More, Currency Exchange in Seattle: 4 Places and 7 Tips for Foreign Currency Exchange in Seattle, Top 17 Souvenirs from Seattle : Take Little Pieces of your Seattle Experience Back Home, Surfing in Seattle: Top 6 Spots to Ride a Wave in Seattle. Thats it! How did we choose these twenty out of the hundreds of incredible trails? Id recommend following your instincts and emotions while capturing images here. Below, Ill tell you the top 7 hikes in the state that are worth crawling out of bed early and trekking up a mountain for, just to see those epic colors. Photo by trip reporter Akorn. Popular destinations within the San Juan Islands include Friday Harbor, Eastsound, and Moran State Park, where visitors will find one of the best campgrounds in Washington. Lake Wenatchee has tons of hiking trails that surround the lake. You dont want to miss the sunrise though so give yourself 1 hour & 20 minutes if youre worried. Along the North Cascades Highway, just park the car in the parking lot and get out of your car to have a look at miles of scenery in front of you. They may just go to the reflecting pool and call it the end of the day but dont be those people. The Kettle Crest is a high-country route stretching 44-miles alongsome of the most glorious areas of northeastern Washington. Shuksan! (Make sure to download these amazing road trip question to pass the time!). Photo by trip reporter geezerhiker. We nearly got our van stuck trying to navigate the tight space.