Coupled with our truly incredible utility, this makes Retribution Paladins an extremely desirable spec in Phase 4 many guilds will typically bring 2-4 Retribution Paladins, so raid spots will be easy to come by. Not only is their AoE damage is completely insane, but their Single-Target damage is also quite astonishing. Feral Druids suffer a temporary setback in Phase 3, as they drop from the top spot of the S-tier, to the middle of the A-tier. Affliction has great single-target damage, thanks to our high damage-over-time and Drain Souls new execute-like component. Couple that with our non-existent raid utility, and you get one highly undesirable spec youre very likely to not get invited to raid groups as Arms. With armor penetration found all over Phase 3 gear, Frost DKs get to deal an ungodly amount of single-target damage, meaning they are highly favoured by the meta. Show 124 Comments Fire Mage has received a complete overhaul in WotLK, intended to restore the spec to its former Classic glory. Everything is stacked up against the poor Ret in Phase 3, which honestly makes it impressive that they even got up here. Thats true Phase 4 is absolutely not kind to us, as our lack of scaling comes to haunt us. This means that, on cleave-type fights in specific, you will likely be at the top of the damage meter. Pick the best class with this WoW WotLK PVP tier list. In shorter fights, where we get to have Metamorphosis active for a big chunk of the fight, our damage will be very good though, itll suffer and fall behind some of the other A-tier specs in longer fights. But they lacked vision. Hmmm, no love for warrior? Frost Death Knights also benefit from very high survivability due to their Unbreakable Armor while also providing the raid with Improved Icy Talons, a buff that grants 20% increased melee haste for all nearby raid members. In addition, Unholy Death Knights can make use of Shadowmourne once it becomes available, and at that point Unholy noticeably outpaces Frost. Unfortunately, the abundance of armor penetration on TotC gear, which greatly enhances their damage, cannot really make up for their below-average Tier 9 (Malfurions Battlegear) set bonuses. Demonologys single-target DPS has been greatly buffed, with a multitude of new talents empowering our Felguard pet. So, it has by far the worst version of the ability, along with terrible single-target damage and non-existent cleave damage. After Paladins, your best bet is none other than the Mage Class in Wraith of the Lich King Classic. This list takes all of the above factors into consideration and provides a brief description of where each class can have the opportunity to rise to the top of the throne or fall to the bottom of the pit. Many warriors will choose to go Arms at the beginning and soon grab a 2nd two-handed weapon to make the switch to Fury. Since Ulduar will receive some major changes with a shift toward heavy AoE fights, Frost Death Knights will still pull insane amounts of damage, even if they do not benefit from a very strong effect such as Wandering Plague. The Best Class For Gold farming in WOTLK Classic And if you need more survivability, then you can simply go blood. However, the spec itself scales slowly, meaning that Arcane Mages will be a lot stronger, especially in the beginning and throughout the progression of Ulduar. Its damage teeters on the edge of viability, which isnt really a compliment. Thus, we find ourselves in the C-tier, since, unfortunately, most Phase 1 fights are single-target focused. 3 Best Gold Farming Class In Wrath Of The Lich King. Best Classes to Boost for Wrath of the Lich King Classic Wrath Posted 2022/09/22 at 1:31 PM by Rokman Get instant notifications when the latest news is published via the Wowhead Discord Webhook! It took us a while, but were finally here, back at the top spot. Fire Mages have the potential to be one of the most powerful specs in the game, with incredible single-target and AoE damage. Shadow Priests find themselves in a tougher position compared to the other caster specializations in Phase 2. You wont be reaching the top spots of the DPS meters as a Boomkin, but youll be doing very well anyway, and everyone in the raid will love you for your utility. This is the very beginning of their ascent, as they only become stronger from this point forward. Updated Nov 8, 2022 Ranking each class in World of Warcraft Classic Wrath of the Lich King based on their performance in PvE encounters. No longer are we a strictly support spec; instead, we take the number one spot in any DPS charter and a well-deserved spot in the S-tier in Phase 1 of WotLK. The B-Tier represents mediocre damage specializations. The doctor has prescribed a temporary stay in the B-tier for them, at least for a couple of months, while the bones heal. Most raids will be happy to take 2-3, particularly in preparation for the next phase. The one downfall of the Affliction Warlock in Phase 4 is called Fire Mages. Even if fights will tend to be shorter in WotLK Classic when compared to the OG WotLK, Affliction Warlocks will still deal massive amounts of single-target damage. Jolehin-silvermoon June 26, 2022, 1:02pm #1. This is in part because of their superb scaling, and the armor penetration stat finally becoming more widely available, but largely because of our new Tier 8 set (Terrorblade Battlegear) with its two fantastic set bonuses. Expansion: WotLK Classic Your character's race is one of the first choices you make in the game. That being said, the other two specializations, Affliction and Demonology, will always outperform Destruction. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. Feral Druids find themselves in a rather tough spot, mostly due to the difficulty of the specialization itself. Holy for healing. Note that this Tier List covers classes and specs in their patch-3.3.5 state. Were no longer the mana batteries we once were, but we still get to support our group with Prayer of Fortitude, Prayer of Spirit, and Vampiric Embrace. Their skills are mostly instant cast giving them an edge on other ranged classes too. With Icecrown Citadel having a decent amount of multiple-target encounters, we get to exploit that strength to its fullest meaning our damage will be very competitive. After hovering in the A-tier for a while, the copious amounts of armor penetration gear they can get in the Trial of the Crusade raid, coupled with their exceptional scaling, allows them to break through the A-tiers ceiling and enter the prestigious S-tier. Fury Warriors will find themselves dealing hefty amounts of damage in fights that heavily employ AoE damage, however, they will have to be careful of any incoming damage (as they will only be protected against physical damage). Should have just called it "Best classes to get you a raid spot". Well, well, well, how the mighty have fallen. Regardless, if your guild has kept you around as Elemental up to this point its very likely that they needed your totem buffs, so they probably wont be swapping you out all of a sudden. We cant really make that decision for you, but we can help you make an informed decision! Cant Decide What Class To Play In WotLK Classic? We have no unique buff like Demonology, so theres no reason to bring even a single Destruction Warlock to a raid theyd all be better off switching to Affliction. Phase 4 sees the addition of the Phylactery of the Nameless Lich trinket, which is a massive boon for Shadow Priests, as the bulk of our damage comes from our DoTs. Simply put, specs in the D-tier are considered to be not viable. Their rotation is fairly simple only involving a few abilities for most encounters. Still, as they are completely dependent on Armor Penetration procs from items such as Mjolnir Runestone, they can only be situated in the B-Tier, since their damage can be inconsistent. The main disadvantage of Demonology is that you only need one for Demonic Pact, and more than that is pointless, as Affliction typically does superior damage. We get two very powerful set bonuses from our Tier 10 set (Lasherweave Regalia) but, just like our hybrid brothers, Shadow Priests, we simply lack the scaling to match the big boys. Just like with our Frost brothers, the DK Tier 9 set, Thassarians Battlegear, confers extremely powerful set bonuses on us that propel us straight into the S-tier. Fury is one of if not the best dps by the end of wrath. The main reason for this is, ironically, the thing that made us so powerful in Phase 1: Phase 4 gear is loaded with armor penetration, and we get significantly less use out of it than Combat does, hindering our scaling. 5 Verdict. Youll still likely see better performance by staying Arcane in this phase, but every single Ulduar item you get shrinks that gap a little. Besides Rebirth a spell that will be crucial to any raid to prevent horrible wipes Balance Druids pack a big punch in terms of utility through different effects and spells such as Improved Faerie Fire and Moonkin Aura. Blizzard took a very simple if it aint broke, dont fix it approach with Combat Rogues, as theres barely any changes to their gameplay in WotLK. Fury went from the #1 single-target and top-3 cleave DPS spec in TBC, to the pits of the C-tier during WotLKs Phase 1. 1 week ago Web Comprehensive class guides for World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) Classic. Since our DPS Tier List does not take into account only the raw damage output of a class, specialization spells such as Ritual of Souls, Create Soulstone, and Ritual of Summoning combined with the vast array of curse spells available to Affliction Warlocks truly put them in the first spot in our Tier List. Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King DPS tier list! However, with the right gear, they really start to take off and are often at the top of the damage meters in many fights. You can also turn the Crits of Holy Shock into the Light Flash Instantly. They wont be in the number one spot at the top of the charts but consistently perform well in all fights. I get hating on boosts in original Classic where leveling is a huge part of the game but in Wrath leveling is only an inconvenience and endgame is the true game (pretty much the same as on retail) so boosting to save yourself dozens if not a hundred of hours is extremely worth it. Our single-target is alright, serviceable for now, but our cleave isnt really impressive enough for this to have an impact. Here are the most overpowered and most lacking twink classes. Expose Armor is no longer our responsibility, as mentioned above, so the only thing we really offer is the spec-agnostic Tricks of the Trade, which Assassination is better at thanks to their superior damage. Our damage is not that far behind Survival and, starting in Phase 3, we completely blow their damage out of the water thanks to the abundance of armor penetration. Fire Rotation as Arcane is simple Cast Fireball with CD's up, which is the same as Frost using Frostbolt. A-Tier: The Frost Death Knight spec's overall damage is undoubtedly very good and consistent. Most guilds will bring 1-2 Shamans of any spec for Heroism / Bloodlust + totem buffs, and that may or may not be an Elemental. Through it, Marksmanship Hunters can use double Misdirection, and get an instant cooldown refill for their most powerful shots! This has major implications on the metagame, with some big winners (as you can see on the tier list! However, we unfortunately lack the raw scaling that Fire Mages and Affliction Warlocks have, so we end up at the top of the B-tier. Aeoniias-myzrael May 3, 2022, . Rogue should be on here for no other reason than the boost leveling Lock Picking for you. In fights where there are consistently 2-4 targets, Retribution Paladins will stand at the very top. 4. S-Tier: Unholy Death Knight's (UH) damage is practically on par with the Frost Death Knight. The best possible fight for Affliction Warlocks will be Yogg-Saron, since they will be able to spread their malicious DoTs on all the tentacles. Where many other physical damage based classes have to suffer from the lack of armor penetration available, Frost DKs aren't as concerned. Were just 3 days away from the launch of the WotLK Classic pre-patch, and just 1 month away from the launch of WotLK Classic itself! S Tier Classes List Paladins Paladins have insane potential and could end up being the absolute best class for gold farming in Wrath of the Lich King. Update Note 11-8-2022: Now that over a month has passed since WotLK was released, we have more data available from Warcraftlogs to identify how things are shaping up. Thanks to the two very strong set bonuses on the new Tier 8 set (Sanctification Garb), Shadow Priests excel in Single-Target encounters, managing to be on par with Arcane Mages and even coming close to Affliction Warlocks. Many raids will choose to bring multiple Combat Rogues in Phase 4, which is great, as it further allows us to improve our damage by trading the Tricks of the Trade buff with one another. Phase 1 fights are typically pretty short, meaning we dont have to worry about mana and can just go to town, pumping Arcane Blasts to our hearts content. We also have slightly weaker utility than Frost: we offer Horn of Winter just the same, but we lack Improved Icy Talons, trading it off for Ebon Plaguebringer, which isnt a great trade since Balance Druids automatically apply the same debuff. There have been numerous attempts to make Subtlety Rogues viable for PvE content, however, it simply seems like the specialization itself has been crafted by Blizzard with the sole purpose of obliterating squishy targets in PvP content, with no real applicability in massive PvE content. They, too, benefit from magic-based damage where other classes struggle with lower armor penetration. One of the bigger surprises is that the Frost Death Knight is currently slightly above middle-of-the-pack, compared to the S-Tier from the original rankings. There is a vast difference between a Fury Warrior that has just breached the gates of Ulduar and a Fury Warrior that has pillaged Ulduar a significant number of times. Compared to Assassination Rogues, Combat Rogues have the potential to out-scale, if they manage to acquire enough gear. WoW Classic. A Tier: Arcane Mages perform really well early on due to being able to reach the spell Hit Cap easily from their talents. Besides their spectacular damage, Unholy Death Knights also grant a high amount of utility through different spells such as Death Grip and talents such as Ebon Plaguebringer, helping their raid by providing displacement, a magical damage-increasing debuff, and many more effects. Besides the lack of crit, we also suffer from a minor lack of utility. Top Class in Wrath of the Lich King Classic - Priests Priests are one of the strongest classes Wrath of the Lich King in both of their roles, aka DPS and Healing. Knowing which ones excel in what method can help gamers optimize their rags-to-riches journey. While they have little to no utility besides Tricks of the Trade, Assassination Rogues excel at completely obliterating a target via single-target damage, and with little to no specific prerequisite (as most of their damage comes from poisons). The best classes for these types of battles are mage, retri paladin, death knight and rogue classes. However, many Players will start as Arcane as they have a significant advantage with Hit Rating from Talents and then switch to Fire once more crit has been obtained. This makes them relatively unaffected by the scarcity of the armor penetration stat on Phase 1 equipment. Its tragic, but all of our damage is physical, and theres almost no armor penetration in Phase 1, so our powerful 2-handers hit like wet noodles. Unlike the previous, now Eternal Farming is overpower in WotLK as it has more locations for gold per hour. Assassination Rogues dont have the utility many other specs do, but we more than make up for this deficiency with raw damage particularly in single-target fights, where Assassination Rogues will typically top the meters. Additionally, Fire has slightly better AoE damage, thanks to being able to use Flamestrike from afar. As a result, most Warriors will likely be switching to Fury in this phase, after theyve gotten a few upgrades and a 2nd powerful two-handed weapon. We also have a brand new rotation, focusing on alternating between Wrath and Starfire based on the new Eclipse mechanic, which is incredibly fun. Yet, we simply do not excel in either category. Fury Warriors find themselves in quite a better spot compared to the last phase of the expansion, as they ascend to the B-Tier. Ranking each class in World of Warcraft Classic Wrath of the Lich King based on their performance in PvE encounters. This is thanks to the hybrid damage they produce, both from their own attacks and that of their pets. Priests are one of the strongest . Different people will have different views on this. Our cleave damage, meanwhile, is simply outrageous, at a lack of a better term. Affliction Warlocks see a drastic shift in playstyle in WotLK. Their main drawback is that they lack powerful cleave abilities, and that a big chunk of their DPS comes from bleeds, which take a while to apply, so were kinda slow to start. With the changes that Ulduar brings to its items, Demonology Warlocks have an even greater potential, going as far as reaching the first spot in the A-Tier and bringing along enough utility to be considered low S-Tier. Despite two incredible set bonuses on their Tier 8 set (Nightsong Garb), Balance Druids lack the single-target damage to compete with some of the big boys above them. They find themselves in a great place among the top spots of the A-Tier, with the potential of being considered S-Tier when compared to Unholy in some fights. Since the release of WotLK Classic, Affliction Warlocks,have been high on the tier list they are simply on a whole nother level! And its no mystery why: Phase 3 gear is loaded with armor penetration, which is to Fury what jet fuel is to airplanes. Hurray, says every Elemental Shaman ever, as they finally get a taste of that sweet, sweet B-tier. It also happens to be one of the most important choices, as the different races offer very different bonuses, some of which are exceptional for some characters, while others aren't all that good.